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Cindy Elliott, Sales Associate

Newcomer Assistance Guide

Arranging for Utilities

You can arrange for light, gas and water services by calling Memphis Light, Gas and Water at (901) 820-7878. A deposit is generally required for new service. If you are moving to one of the following municipalities, you will need to call to arrange for water service:

Arranging for Telephone Service

Telephone service can be arranged by calling AT&T at (888) 757-6500

Entering Children in School

Students entering public and private schools for the first time in the Memphis and Shelby County area are required to provide the following: - certified copy of birth certificate, - social security number, - proof of medical examination - proof of required immunizations - proof of residence in school district.

For New Student Registration: Contact your child's zoned school or approved school choice location or contact the enrollment team at (901) 416-6007.  For Returning Student Registration:  Please contact your child's zoned school or approved school choice location school for registration support.


Registering to Vote

To be eligible to vote you must register at least 30 days prior to the election in which you plan to vote. An ID, such as a valid driver's license bearing your new address, is required. You may register to vote a the Shelby County Election Commission located at 157 Poplar, Room 109, form 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). For more information, call (901) 222-1200.

Driver's License

An out-of-state driver's license is valid for only 30 days in Tennessee. To obtain a new license you must present your out-of-state license and your social security card. An eye exam will be given and a fee is charged for the new license. Driver Testing Centers are located at:

*Express Location with Limited Services

For additional information:

Securing Tennessee License Plates

Tennessee license plates should be obtained within seven days after your move. For more information call the Shelby County Clerk's Office at (901) 222-3000. Fees vary depending on your place of residence.

Social Security Cards

The Social Security Administration should be notified if you have a change of address or change in name. For procedure information and locations call:

For additional information:

Reviewing Your Will

Since Tennessee law may differ from that in your former state, you may want to review your will with a local attorney.